Equestrian center


Come to your structure as a professional consultant, to help members of your club discover or deepen the relationship Horse-Man and guide them thru their daily actions with horses.
Give them tools and keys so they can be more autonomous with their horse.
( call their horse, lead their horse, transport him, desensitize him etc..)
Share an equine and human experience around the passion that animates us all : horses.
Facilitate the learning process and discussions by reducing participants.


Offer a mind opening experience and a complementarity.
Give full satisfaction to your club members via a day, always guided by kindness and sincerity.
Boost your structure and its growth by hosting a Masterclass.
Optimize the use and the profitability of your place ( a percentage of the day goes to you )
Benefit from a free referencing advertising on my website and increase your visibility ( see our partners)


Pride, ego and duality should be left apart when we are seeking to help our horses understand the human world better.
Reminding ourselves that nobody detains the truth, but that each one of us has something to teach.
This is why it's crucial to "open the doors", so anyone can dig and draw as he/she feels. This is where every person can define their own horsemanship.
Learning and discovery should never cease to be, but always with an open mind and a trusting atmosphere.
“ The obstacle to discovery is not ignorance ! It's the illusion of knowing “
Seminars :
Few themes suggested for seminars :
* Liberty with horses ( different levels )
* Ground work ( different levels)
* Problem solving
* Obtain softness and lightness in saddle ....
Minimum 7 people - Maximum 10 people
Rates ( per person ) :

Une journée2 jours3, 4 et 5 jours
FRANCE 250   200  150
INTERNATIONAL (EU) 300   250  200