Walter Badet

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Walter Badet, horseman franco-américain.

After following some psychological studies, I work as a social worker with different populations : disadvantaged children, autistic adults and mentally challenged persons.
At the age of 22 ans I settle in San Francisco, USA,  to work in the corporate aviation for 7 years. I have the opportunity to meet multiples people from different professional fields ( corporate,political, audiovisual etc ) and I develop a social inclusion that allows me to find and live ma place throughout my interactions with them.
I work for “Charles Schwab Corporation” ( stock broker / Fortune 500 ) for 5 years where I become “Mr Schwab’s Personal Corporate Flight attendant “ .
Fascinated and passionate with horses for ever,  I follow as well  training formations with the biggest names of Horsemanship : Ray Hunt, Frank Bell, Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson…These masters help me discover the true nature of the horse.
I practice "ethology" for several years detaching myself voluntarily from a pure equestrian technic so I can deepen my research and my work concentrating on the "essence of the relationship" with the horse.
After all these years spent with the animal, I discover his natural mode of functioning based on his "natural leadership ", the authenticity of his emotions, his communication, his power of intention…
I teach  “Horsemanship” in Arizona for 12 ans and travel the world organizing seminars with the goal to help participants realize that, thru a such unique experience facing the horse, we can better understand the essence and the importance of a "true" communication, establish a candid and constructive relationship and the ability one can have to accompany others when aligned ( head-heart-body )… of the necessity to radiate a natural and exemplary leadership.


I train in martial arts since my youngest age et practice Karate and Ju-Jitsu for 30 years . I develop with these, a fluidity, a rightness of actions and energy, that constitute largely the base of my relationship with the horse today.
I am currently writing a biography relating to my experience with horses.

Meeting An American Icon

Preview for the movie "Meeting an American Icon".
I spend a day in Utah, amongst Mustangs, the last living herd of the Shoshone Indians. An amazing movie ! A must see !