In my mind I have thought of many ways to express how much our stay with you has meant to Chris and I, however it is difficult for me to get my thoughts from my brain to my pen. I really did not know what to expect during our stay. I could not have been more pleasantly surprised at its beauty even in the stark of winter. Nature cannot be outdone in any season. I was kind of nervous meeting you since I am really not yet a horse owner and kind of ignorant about many things. Never once did you make me feel uncomfortable or inadequate. You so eagerly share your knowledge, experiences and really..yourself.
Most of all, in addition to the time spent with horses and dogs , we enjoyed sharing the evening meal with you, sharing stories and laughter and of course, Walter’s magnificent cooking.
Needless to say, we are hoping to be able to come back and visit soon. Can’t wait to learn some more horse “etiquette” from Walter. He is such a wonderful teacher and good person all around. I am truly blessed to have met him.

Konnie Hocking, FL,