I want to thank you for teaching me what horses are about. I thought i knew a lot, but found out i am on a journey here. I will enjoy every moments with them even more now. I have to say that by watching you a lot, your patience is without limits, and you taught me the meaning of this word. You have inspired me in so many different ways. Thanks for helping me understand my horses man!
I have personally watched the transformation of a couple of horses and people as a result of time spent with Walter. Sometimes this time has been months and years and others have been only brief moments. I consider myself a straightforward, often stern person and my horses and I have a relationship based on my personality. I adopted a 4 year old Mustang from the BLM and after a month of my personality vs. his, I still couldn't enter his stall. Although it took Walter an hour to finally gain the horses confidence to enter his stall, 15 minutes later Walter was lying under the horse and his Cowboy hat was on his head...they were actually playing!
It brought tears to my eyes....

JOHN BROWN Camp Verde , AZ,