Let me start out by saying, I've owned horses for 22 years, have had exposure to natural trainers for about the last 10 years and have learned a lot from them all. But to my amazement, I have never met anyone who could connect with a horse like Walter can. And I'm realizing that not much else can be accomplished with a horse if we aren't connected first. There is something different in the way Walter gets that connection. It's A,B and C and then you have's........ "This horse is one of a kind, there's no other horse on this planet quite like this one, and I will adjust my ways by listening to what the horse is telling me." That is why Walter can then accomplish so much more in a very short period of time. I had Walter come to my home after hearing rave reviews from a friend of mine about him, as I just got a 22 year old Arab mare to keep my 24 year old mare company. But Katie, the new horse, was very disconnected and didn't want anything to do with me. She paced the property for two weeks, and I used up all my ideas on working with her to stop. She finally did, but she still didn't care to even have me come close to her at all. I knew Katie needed more help then I was able to give her, when she lunged at me one day when I was trying to work with her. So I jumped at the chance to try Walter out. In one three hour session, Katie has become a different horse!! I'm happy I wasn't the one who had to deal with Katie's attitude. She kicked, bucked and tried to rear initially with Walter, but that didn't last long. With Walter's gentle but firm ways, Katie knew she was in capable hands. Hands that weren't out to hurt her. She soon learned she even liked Walter! In fact, Walter had to stay on his toes as Katie was talking to Walter as if he were someone she liked a lot! After Walter left, I knew I'd have to work with Katie by myself and you better believe I was a bit afraid. But Katie never did anything that scared me. She was willing to work with me, and it looks like she's enjoying it too. And why wouldn't she? I know she's much happier when she knows she can trust me and she can let her guard down. We are connecting with each other! And what a feeling that is! I am so much more confident with Katie and not afraid of her anymore. Walter works with me, explaining and helping me see just what it is that's working with that particular horse. And if something isn't working, he shows me how to come up with another idea as each horse is entirely different. Walter works with me just as much as he does with the horse, to give me back my confidence. So I had to have Walter come again as I have three horses now and I want to continue working with Katie and the other two. My other mare, Catrin, is a 24 year old, 16.2 hand Holsteiner who I've owned since she was 6 years old. She's always been a handful, but I've enjoyed my years with her so much. We've done it all, from dressage, to a little jumping and trail riding, and adding the natural horsemanship in her later years. (I wish I would have found the natural training sooner!) But lately, I couldn't ride or walk Catrin on our trails around my home as she would act up so badly, wanting to go home, that I just lost my nerve and Catrin won. I worked with two other natural trainers and tried their techniques, which worked, but my mare was so emotional and "up" that my heart was in my throat every time. She never did well, but we would manage to get home without dying that day! So I explained to Walter the situation, and he said he wants to take her out. Now, mind you, he's never even worked with Catrin yet! So he put her in the roundpen and made sure she was listening to him, and down the street we go! I couldn't believe he didn't even want a whip. Long story short.............Catrin never reached her "wigging out" level!!!! She stayed reasonably calm as Walter's ways were so calm and fair. She did it!!! And it's something I can do too! I have only had Walter here twice and I can't wait for him to come again! Now my neighbors want to use him too! Walter is a kind, gentle, caring man who will go above and beyond with me and my horses, every time! I truly am blessed to have found him and I will tell the world! On second thought, maybe I better not............I still want him to come to my house!! I can't say enough wonderful things about Walter!

From a very grateful friend,

Linda Schneerer - Phoenix AZ,