This is a special article. Because of this clinic, i am where i am with my horses today.
It is because of Walter Badet an exceptional "whisperer", that i have this relationship with my two babies. A true teacher and a true Horseman who shared some of his knowledge..I truly want to thank him...
In october i attended a 3 day clinic with Walter Badet, Horse whisperer from Arizona.
It is there that i found my way of being with horses, and that a "click" truly happened with Priska and Comete.
I have to speak about these few days, that have been an immense education, gave me so much and made me go forward with giant steps.
Thanks to Walter, who is really a "super" person with so much knowledge for horses.
Thanks to Frank and Gisele our hosts for the night, and the horses that i played with during the clinic. Daudet, a sweet Camargue with a definite temper and Faddo, a moving Portuguese trained to perfection.

Orianne Beuret - France,