Hello Walter,
I want you to know I am having the most wonderful time with my horses and my friends horse that I have been working with for 2 years.
The last workshop with you brought everything together for me. After 2 sessions with my horses, I go out into the herd and they know what I am asking and I know what they are telling me. I love the magic.
I went over to my friends house to work with her horse and she has a set up like the one Brandy is in, Pepper (my friends horse) isn't one to come up to you. I followed what I learned with you and then... the magic happened! She stopped, she turned and walked up to me. Then the rub and I found her happy spot. the second day I went to spend time with Pepper her person said she'd never seen her horse react like that, what a compliment. I am so happy.
I have been working with my pony filly for 2 weeks now, she was unconfident and wouldn't come up to me like she was a few months ago so I have been spending time with her and today I was able to halter her without a fuss and as I was stroking her face after haltering her she was calm after that she was following me around.
I am a whole new horsewoman.
Our Mare Candy Kisses whom you have schooled me about, I go out during feeding and spend time with her and the herd. I love the gentleness and right now, her turning to face me is progress. I know she will gain confidence and come to trust she is really trying.
I am looking forward to the next lesson.
Thank you for all of your help it has really changed me and been an amazing help in my relationship with not only the horses but all the animals I work with.
Yours Truly