If you are looking for a teacher who is so patient, compassionate, and able to clearly convey what is needed -- Walter is the trainer for you. Walter deeply loves horses and that is so important to us. It is a challenge to put into words what Walter's clinic and private lessons have done for my husband, myself and our horse-friends. Walter is helping us attain the mutually symbiotic relationship-companionship that we have desired since our beginning with horses 2 years ago. His teaching is so practical , covering all the fine details we were missing somehow with our horses.
Teaching how to step-by-step become our horses "leaders" with mutual respect, honor and love. Having our horses desire to be with us and join up with us, not only one horse but even several at a time. Developing our own horsemanship with our horse as we learn how to let the horse teach us. Beginning with the basics until they become a natural part of both horse and human. Deep breathing, being in the present moment with greater relaxation, and understanding the flow of energy is so important in being with horses. Walter is patiently leading us into a better understanding of these vitally important things so often unnoticed and never even covered. Our horse-human partnership is now becoming a "dance from the heart".
Walter, we take our hats off to you! You are truly a "Master Horse Whisperer", and it is a privilege to know you. Our lives are forever changed. Thank you Walter!

Teresa Lee of WA,